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Sabtu, 28 Februari 2015

Etude House : Hyaluronic Acid Sheet Mask

Hello everyone, longgg time no see right ?
i'm so sorry for really late post T___T , because i'm just busy with my college exams and tasks :(

Okay, right now i'm going to giving a review about a sheet mask from etude.
Honestly, i didn't buy'it. It's a free gift from Etude. So, i bought some Etude's product fresh from Korea, and then they just gave me soo much samples hehehe ^^

so, i don't know if this mask was for sell at Indonesia or not. ^^
And after searching, it turns out, there's many online shop selling this mask sheet *__*

so many types of this mask sheet, of course with different functions, and mine is the blue one *__* :

OKAY ! Let's get started ^^

Here's the product :)

The packaging comes with a blue pastel color, with cute water drops design ^^
The mask that i've got is Moisturizing type. 
Yepp ! i wish this mask will make my face feels like baby's butt ^^ LOLOLOL~

Here it'is the back of packaging :

       Almost everything, written by korean languange, and i can't understand'it hehehe ^^"

 But, don't worry . There's an directions how to use the mask  in english ^^ Good news for us ! LOL
 Also, maybe you can follow the instructions from the picture ^^.

So, the packaging said that this mask sheet contains Hyaluronic Acid ( Sodium Hyaluronate ) with excellent water storage capabilities , providing rich moisture to keep skin perfectly moist everyday. *__*

Here's the ingredients : Just click the picture if you want to see'it clearly ^^
The good news is, there's paraben-free ^^ YAY !

Now, Let's see the inside, shall we.....~ *__*

It has like a creamy / liquid texture in it. can you see the white liquid inside the mask ? hehe ^^
also, the smell's like a floral thing. not a hard smell. so it doesn't bother my nose . :D

Here's when i applying the mask : 
*Please don't creep out ! LOL ^^

The mask's size is... well.. i will say that is comfortable for me, although little bit too big :P
the mask sheet is like made of cotton, very soft and i guess this sheet have a really different kind of fabric .

The packaging said for leave the mask for  10-15 minutes. After that, maybe you can tap the rest of the cream or liquid.
but if you think the liquid is too much on your face, well... what i did just wipe my face with a tissue. hehehe ^^"
Or pressed my face with tissue. :D

here's the result of my face , i forgot to take a picture before i used this mask. :')

Well, there's no big different with my skin tone. But, for the skin texture i feels like my face are really soft and fresh, also chewy LOL ^^

Etude House : Hyaluronic Acid Sheet Mask :
(+) Giving a soft and healthy skin.
(+) Fresh feeling.
(+) Cute packaging.
(+) Soft scents .
(+) Available at Indonesia.
(+) Reasonable price

(-) Too much liquid.

Repurchase ?
I guess, i wanna looking another type of this mask ^^

     That's it !  my review about this sheet mask ^^. hope this review can be helpful for you guys ^^.
See you at the next post :D.


Selasa, 09 Desember 2014

Innisfree Super Volcanic Pore Clay Mask

Hello, everyone ^^
How's your day ?
This time, i'm gonna reviewing another product from Innisfree AGAIN ! LOL ^^
i hope you didn't get bored with Innisfree nyehehehe ^^
I just fallin' loveeeee with innisfree, because their product always use natural organic ingredients ^^

Okay, let's get started !
First,  what's in your mind, heard about Innisfree volcanic clay mask ? or any kind of mask from innisfree..
maybe what's in your mind is like one of this, or maybe more :

But, guess what ? 
i got my clay mask like this :

Well.... it's quiet huge isn't it ? ^^
hehehe... my mom bought this for me. So, she doesn't know anything about this mask. She pick huge size . lol ^^
This size is 200ml . Hmmm.... enough for 3 months or more maybe ? ^^
Let me show you the details :

it get labeled , and written : "Natural benefit from Jeju" 
And at the back side , it just written by korean language. And i don't know what they says. ^^ lol

And here's the ingredients , just click the picture to see clearly ^^ :

They said the clay mask have a cluster capsules and can adsorbs sebum , and also this mask can resolve pore concerns. ^^
They write the step to using the mask too. ^^
Now, let's see the inside :

The inside the jar, they covered the clay mask first with plastic layer. It can be more protect the mask from bacteria ^^.
As you can see, the mask comes with white grey color, that match with the name of product (*volcanic thing) lol ^^

Now, let's try using the mask :

 Sorry for a creepy face. nyehehe ^^v
 The mask have cooling sensation and also have a little capsules like marbles, like what they said on the product description. ^^ And the mask don't have any scent. :)
After applying the mask, leave them for 10 minutes.
Here's the mask, when they get dried 

After 10 minutes, the color turned into little bit dark, isn't it ?
And the mask doesn't get crack, when it dry. ^^ So, don't worry with fall out of dry mask ^^
It's time to rinse off the mask with warm water YAY !

 I feel, the cooling sensation its still on my face. And i feel my face are really clean and smooth. And also no breakout for the next day ^^
for more effect to my face, maybe i need to use'it 2 times a week ^^
Conclusion :
I love the mask, but for good result, maybe you must use'it 2 times a week ^^.
I guess it can dry a little acne or pimples. This clay mask i think it's not recommend for people who has dry skin type. Because, i had a combination skin type, around my nose is easily get dry.
And the next day after use this mask, i've got a little bit dry skin on my nose :")

Innisfree Super Volcanic Pore Clay Mask :
(+) Reasonable price. (For 100ml : around IDR.120 + , for 200ml : around IDR. 200+).
(+) Can heal a pimple.
(+) Good for oily skin.
(+) Have cooling sensation.
(-) Not recommend for dry skin type.

Repurchase ? Maybe yes. But i'm still looking for another mask ^^.

Tha'ts all about Innisfree Super Volcanic Pore Clay Mask, hope you like my review.
And, see you at my next post ! ^^
Ciaoooo ~ :D

Sabtu, 06 Desember 2014

Innisfree Color Glow Lipstick & Innisfree Creammellow Lipstick

Hii..Hi...Hiiiiii... ^^
i'm come back with another review. Well, it's still from Innisfree product. :)

Allright !
i'm gonna reviewing some Innisfree's Lipstick. ^^
Let's START ! yuhuuuu~

Here's the product :

 The color what i pick for Innisfree Color Glow Lipstick is number #7 & for Innisfree Creammellow Lipstick i pick number #9.

Well, the second picture : on the left is #9 and the right is #7
On the side of the box, they put  some information about the effects and the ingredients  of the product, with cute symbol ^^.

I'll write the information here :
* Innisfree Creammellow Lipstick #9 :
- Smooth coating
- Pure glossy color
- Great fitting
- Camellia oil

* Innisfree Color Glow Lipstick #7 :
- Moisture shine
- Melting texture
- Rich color
- Camellia oil
- 3 Free system (written with korean hangeul, so i dont know what it says) ^^

Let's see the lipstick :

Innisfree Color Glow Lipstick #7         Innisfree Creammellow Lipstick #9

As we can see number #7 come with pink fuschia and number #9 come with red maroon color.
At first, im kinda suprised with number #7, because i'm not really like fuschia color. hehehe ^^
For number #9, i love the color. Red maroon ? it'll look gorgeous on every skin tone *i guess* ^^

Oops... don't judge the lipstick's color, before you put'it on. ^^

here's the result

FIRST : #7 , SECOND : #9
How's the color ? pretty right ?
the fuschia pink, it looks like cotton candy pink. i love all the result color! ^^ 
and it doesn't make my lips dry. i feel my lips get hydrate. But, you need to touch-up after drink or eat. ^^
I think this lipstick was good for 2 hour, without eat or drink. ^^ lol

OH ! i almost forgot.
the lipstick have a little details 
Like this :

Each lipstick have different details. ^^

Conclusion :
Both of them have a glossy finish. But not too glossy. it still looks natural.
The scent was really really soft, even sometimes i can't smell'it. lol ^^
The lipstick have a natural color finish.

Innisfree  Color Glow Lipstick #7:
(+) Hydrates & moist my lips.
(+) Reasonable price. (IDR.70 +  ).
(+) Natural color finish.
(+) Pigmented.
(+) Unique packaging.
(-) Hard to find , and usually you must join pre-order first at online shop.
(-) Not longlasting.

Innisfree Creammellow Lipstick #9 :
(+) Hydrates & moist my lips.
(+) Reasonable price. (IDR.70 + ).
(+) Natural color finish.
(+) Pigmented.
(+) Unique packaging.
(-) Hard to find , and usually you must join pre-order first at online shop
(-) Not longlasting. 

Repurchase ? 
Maybe, but i will looking for another color. ^^

Okay, guys. That's all my review about this Innisfree lipstick. Hope you like'it ^^ and see you at my next post ^^
Have a nice day ~ :D

Jumat, 05 Desember 2014

Innisfree the Green Tea Seed Serum & Innisfree Green Tea Balancing Cream

Hello, guys !
This is my first review post on my blog. ^^

i had a lot of korean products that i want to review.
Well, my mom just came back from her vacation to Korea . I can't join her vacation, because, the tour is already full :(.
Anyway, my mom turned my sadness into big big happiness ! thank you mom ! So, here it is ! My mom bought much makeup and skincare for me. :')
 and I'm gonna share a review of this products soon. ^^

        Okay, right now, im just gonna reviewing Korean skincare product from Innisfree.
First one is : Innisfree green tea seed serum. Here's the product 

 The packaging was simple and giving a fresh mood, also the ingredients has been written on the side of the box, but at another side, i can't understand what the product's says,its all korean language. *lol ^^
Here's the inside :

 This's the inside. With a green plastic bottle, and also come with a pump. So, it's more hygiene and it's travel friendly for me.

One more thing, that i love is the bottle have cap, it can protect the pump from bacteria and dust. 
Here it is.... the serum. ^^

The color's transparent and when i blend'it, it feel so smooth.

The scent is match with the name of the product "green tea". Also, it didn't have a strong scent. So, it doesn't bother my nose. lol ^^

The second products is still same, from Innisfree. Here it is ! 
Innisfree Green tea balancing cream, take a look..

Again, the ingredient has been written on the side of the box. They write the description about the product and the direction how to use the product. Also a few steps to use the product. 
Now, let's see the inside. ^^


The inside, it had a plastic medium tube with a green color, and the cap have Innisfree's logo on it. I think the packaging was simple and good looking. But it's not travel friendly. Also, it doesn't have a spatula, so make sure you have a clean finger to get the cream out.

Here's the cream :
Actually, i forgot to capture the tube, when it still get sealed. Just remember, to check the seal before use the cream. ^^

It comes with white soft cream. When i blend'it, it gave me a moisturize sensation and a gave me a smooth skin result. ^^ yeay !
Then, i love the smell. It doesn't have a strong scent. Just soft natural scent of green tea. :)

Conclusion :
Im already used this two products, maybe around 1 month. The result was so great. I love this skincare ^^.
The serum, giving a boost up of my balancing cream.
The cream keep my skin face hydrates  for a whole day and didn't make me face getting more oily. The cream suitable for normal to oily skin type.
Why balancing cream ?
i have  combination  skin type. around my nose area, i had a dry skin. And around my cheeks i had oily skin. So, the balancing cream have a function that match to my skin face.
They keep a dry skin to get hydrate, without making other area (oily area) getting too hydrates (making more oil into face).

Innisfree the green tea seed serum :
(-) Little bit pricey. (IDR.290 +).
(+) So hygiene.
(+) Travel friendly.
(+) Soft scent.
(+) No breakout.

Repurchase ? i guess YES!

Innisfree green tea balancing cream :
(-) No spatula.
(-) No travel friendly.
(-) Little bit heavy.
(+) Really making a smooth skin.
(+) Friendly price (*maybe. IDR.190 +).
(+) No breakout.

Repurchase ? Yes, of course ^^

That's all my review about this products. See you at my next post. ^^ Thanks for read my review :) <3