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Selasa, 09 Desember 2014

Innisfree Super Volcanic Pore Clay Mask

Hello, everyone ^^
How's your day ?
This time, i'm gonna reviewing another product from Innisfree AGAIN ! LOL ^^
i hope you didn't get bored with Innisfree nyehehehe ^^
I just fallin' loveeeee with innisfree, because their product always use natural organic ingredients ^^

Okay, let's get started !
First,  what's in your mind, heard about Innisfree volcanic clay mask ? or any kind of mask from innisfree..
maybe what's in your mind is like one of this, or maybe more :

But, guess what ? 
i got my clay mask like this :

Well.... it's quiet huge isn't it ? ^^
hehehe... my mom bought this for me. So, she doesn't know anything about this mask. She pick huge size . lol ^^
This size is 200ml . Hmmm.... enough for 3 months or more maybe ? ^^
Let me show you the details :

it get labeled , and written : "Natural benefit from Jeju" 
And at the back side , it just written by korean language. And i don't know what they says. ^^ lol

And here's the ingredients , just click the picture to see clearly ^^ :

They said the clay mask have a cluster capsules and can adsorbs sebum , and also this mask can resolve pore concerns. ^^
They write the step to using the mask too. ^^
Now, let's see the inside :

The inside the jar, they covered the clay mask first with plastic layer. It can be more protect the mask from bacteria ^^.
As you can see, the mask comes with white grey color, that match with the name of product (*volcanic thing) lol ^^

Now, let's try using the mask :

 Sorry for a creepy face. nyehehe ^^v
 The mask have cooling sensation and also have a little capsules like marbles, like what they said on the product description. ^^ And the mask don't have any scent. :)
After applying the mask, leave them for 10 minutes.
Here's the mask, when they get dried 

After 10 minutes, the color turned into little bit dark, isn't it ?
And the mask doesn't get crack, when it dry. ^^ So, don't worry with fall out of dry mask ^^
It's time to rinse off the mask with warm water YAY !

 I feel, the cooling sensation its still on my face. And i feel my face are really clean and smooth. And also no breakout for the next day ^^
for more effect to my face, maybe i need to use'it 2 times a week ^^
Conclusion :
I love the mask, but for good result, maybe you must use'it 2 times a week ^^.
I guess it can dry a little acne or pimples. This clay mask i think it's not recommend for people who has dry skin type. Because, i had a combination skin type, around my nose is easily get dry.
And the next day after use this mask, i've got a little bit dry skin on my nose :")

Innisfree Super Volcanic Pore Clay Mask :
(+) Reasonable price. (For 100ml : around IDR.120 + , for 200ml : around IDR. 200+).
(+) Can heal a pimple.
(+) Good for oily skin.
(+) Have cooling sensation.
(-) Not recommend for dry skin type.

Repurchase ? Maybe yes. But i'm still looking for another mask ^^.

Tha'ts all about Innisfree Super Volcanic Pore Clay Mask, hope you like my review.
And, see you at my next post ! ^^
Ciaoooo ~ :D

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  1. Pngen coba clay mask nya Innisfree :D kayaknya bgus n bnyk yg cocok pake ini :D
    nice review :D

    1. Hehehe iyaaa.. bisa ngeringin jrwat jugaaa. ^^ thankyouuu for reading.. :D

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