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Jumat, 05 Desember 2014

Innisfree the Green Tea Seed Serum & Innisfree Green Tea Balancing Cream

Hello, guys !
This is my first review post on my blog. ^^

i had a lot of korean products that i want to review.
Well, my mom just came back from her vacation to Korea . I can't join her vacation, because, the tour is already full :(.
Anyway, my mom turned my sadness into big big happiness ! thank you mom ! So, here it is ! My mom bought much makeup and skincare for me. :')
 and I'm gonna share a review of this products soon. ^^

        Okay, right now, im just gonna reviewing Korean skincare product from Innisfree.
First one is : Innisfree green tea seed serum. Here's the product 

 The packaging was simple and giving a fresh mood, also the ingredients has been written on the side of the box, but at another side, i can't understand what the product's says,its all korean language. *lol ^^
Here's the inside :

 This's the inside. With a green plastic bottle, and also come with a pump. So, it's more hygiene and it's travel friendly for me.

One more thing, that i love is the bottle have cap, it can protect the pump from bacteria and dust. 
Here it is.... the serum. ^^

The color's transparent and when i blend'it, it feel so smooth.

The scent is match with the name of the product "green tea". Also, it didn't have a strong scent. So, it doesn't bother my nose. lol ^^

The second products is still same, from Innisfree. Here it is ! 
Innisfree Green tea balancing cream, take a look..

Again, the ingredient has been written on the side of the box. They write the description about the product and the direction how to use the product. Also a few steps to use the product. 
Now, let's see the inside. ^^


The inside, it had a plastic medium tube with a green color, and the cap have Innisfree's logo on it. I think the packaging was simple and good looking. But it's not travel friendly. Also, it doesn't have a spatula, so make sure you have a clean finger to get the cream out.

Here's the cream :
Actually, i forgot to capture the tube, when it still get sealed. Just remember, to check the seal before use the cream. ^^

It comes with white soft cream. When i blend'it, it gave me a moisturize sensation and a gave me a smooth skin result. ^^ yeay !
Then, i love the smell. It doesn't have a strong scent. Just soft natural scent of green tea. :)

Conclusion :
Im already used this two products, maybe around 1 month. The result was so great. I love this skincare ^^.
The serum, giving a boost up of my balancing cream.
The cream keep my skin face hydrates  for a whole day and didn't make me face getting more oily. The cream suitable for normal to oily skin type.
Why balancing cream ?
i have  combination  skin type. around my nose area, i had a dry skin. And around my cheeks i had oily skin. So, the balancing cream have a function that match to my skin face.
They keep a dry skin to get hydrate, without making other area (oily area) getting too hydrates (making more oil into face).

Innisfree the green tea seed serum :
(-) Little bit pricey. (IDR.290 +).
(+) So hygiene.
(+) Travel friendly.
(+) Soft scent.
(+) No breakout.

Repurchase ? i guess YES!

Innisfree green tea balancing cream :
(-) No spatula.
(-) No travel friendly.
(-) Little bit heavy.
(+) Really making a smooth skin.
(+) Friendly price (*maybe. IDR.190 +).
(+) No breakout.

Repurchase ? Yes, of course ^^

That's all my review about this products. See you at my next post. ^^ Thanks for read my review :) <3




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  1. Waaa heaven XD lot of product :D
    I really wanna try the serum but its pricy. So im afraid if it didnt suit to my skin. Wasting money T.T
    Im looking forward to ur next review :D

    1. Same with me too, even i search some review before i bought'it. LOL^^, gladly my skin have no problem with the serum. :)

      Sure, i'll post another review next week. Thank you for take a look my review. ^^

  2. Sejauh ini review si serum positif semua yaa , jadi makin yakin mau beli tapi harganya itu loh, kok mahal ya ? Lol :p

    1. Iyaaa.. entah knpa mahal.. :") lol.
      tpi stidaknya hsil yg di dapet ccok sma hrganya.. hehehee.. ^^

  3. Review yang lainnya juga dong,ditunggu ya :)
    Yang ini memang mahal,tapi pasti sepadan dgn hasilnya,boleh di coba samplenya.
    Hihi ^^

  4. iyappp.. hihihi.. d tnggu review slanjutnya yaaa.. thankyou for reading. ^^

  5. Waw... aku juga udh kepo nih ama skincare ini dr kapan.. tapi belum sempet kebeli.. hihihihi.. moga2 ntar kapan2 bisa nyobain.. ditunggu next reviewnya.. :)

    1. Marii marii di cobaa hihihi.. :)
      Next review segera dataangg.. ^^

  6. sayyy aku belum pernah coba produk apapun dr innisfree,, penasaran bgt kyk apa???

    (instagram : namatanpa366